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We are proud to proudly ATTAC certified Network installers.

No network to big or small.
LAN Local Area Network
HAN Home Area Network.

There are a number of factors that determine whether to go for wired networking or wireless networking:

Size of Network: 
For a network over the size of 10 connections we recommend a wired network. The reason for this is that on a wireless network, all connected devices share the bandwidth, e.g. a 150mbps wireless network with 10 users on it will allow a maximum of only 15mbps per user

Critical Business Applications: 
For any devices running a critical business application such as Pastel we would recommend connecting them to a wired network

Data-Hungry Applications:
Any applications that transfer a large amount of data between a server and the application should be connected to a wired network

The perfect setup for most companies is, in fact, to have a combination of both wired and wireless. Wired points in all offices for users with desktops and laptops to connect and a wireless network for roaming users and mobile devices such as iPads and Smartphones.
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