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At Swiss TV we install and repair a full range of CCTV solutions.

  • Corporate
  • Home
  • Mobile Cameras & DVRs
  • Covert
  • Video & Audio
  • Monitoring & Recording
  • Off-Site Monitoring
  • Cell Phone Monitoring

Due to the complexity of CCTV solutions, we do not offer "special packages" . There is no "one size fits all" . We believe that every installation is different and carries it's own set of challenges and properties. From lighting to viewing angles and weather conditions. Each installation is unique, therefore a thorough site inspection, assessment and quotation is required for each installation.

The Benefits of CCTV Systems

When it comes to security, CCTV systems certainly outshine various other forms. With a CCTV system you can do more than just record the daily happenings around your premises. Such a system will provide you with the following benefits:

  • Deter potential criminal behavior as criminals will fear being recorded or caught by the security system in place. These systems are often linked to armed response which is a serious criminal deterrent. 
  • The recorded material can be saved and later referred to in order to see if criminal activity has occurred on the premises. Any surveillance recorded is considered suitable for various legal actions. 
  • Any criminal activity recorded can be used later for prosecution or even disciplinary hearings. A good quality system is required in order to get a clear image to present in these instances. Some businesses can also use a CCTV system to confirm attendance and absenteeism within the work place. 
  • Surveillance can be referred to in order to sort out any claims or arguments between the company and employees. 
  • CCTV systems can also be used for quality control on a production line within a business. Production functions and procedures can be closely watched to ensure that tasks are carried out according to specifications / company policy.
  • If you hear suspicious noises at home you can check from the safety of your home what is happening outside and call or activate your alarm.

These few benefits alone make the prospect of installing a CCTV system more enticing. Of course the type and quality of the system you install is important. If you choose to have your camera footage or surveillance monitored, you can expect for any dangerous criminal activities to be reported to authorities and for backup assistance to be provided promptly if and when required. Some might choose not to monitor the recordings and only refer to them when required.